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Underwater Robotics at Arizona State

AquaDevil was our 3rd attempt at an underwater ROV. We first used AquaDevil in the MATE 2010 competition, where we won 6th place, and received many compliments on the design from the judges.

AquaDevil continues to be used to this day as a back-up robot. She most recently saw use at the 2013 NURC alongside ROVINA, where she earned third place.

Key Features of AquaDevil:

  • 5 Seabotix Thrusters
  • Seabotix Manipulator Arm
  • 4 Full Color Cameras
    • 2 High-Definition 520p cameras
    • 90+ degree viewing angle on all cameras
  • Digital Pressure Sensor (1cm resolution)
  • Analog Temperature Sensor
  • Onboard 48v -> 12v Power Converters
  • Suction Powered Crustacean Collector
  • 3 High Power LEDs
    • 540 Lumens Each
    • 65 Degree Light Angle
    • Custom Waterproof Housing
  • Heads Up Display Control System
    • Full Sensor Overlay on Video
    • Micro-Controller Onboard ROV
    • Communication Over Custom Serial Protocol
    • Video Transmission Over CAT6